Battery: Initial Build

The Initial Build

First quasi battery build is just 10 hoverboard battery packs put onto a bus bar in parallel. Each one is supposed to be 4.4Ah (Amp hour). In total this should be about 44Ah. I learned early on that this was not going to be nearly enough to meet my needs.

You can see the evolution of the battery build over time. The packs all had built in BMSs, so I wasn't too worried about that initially. I made custom connectors to put them together in parallel using 10 XT60 connectors to solid 10 gauge wire. I know it is less than ideal to connect DC with solid over stranded, but I was building out my initial proof of concept.

I was really happy to have ~80 of these packs, some were damaged on arrival and some needed new connectors, but I had ordered 80 and had close to that installed.

That was round one of my battery build, but it all had to be reconfigured due to the cheap chinese inverter failing and the replacement being dead on arrival. Not as advertised "Reliable" brand was anything but a reliable inverter.