Battery: Reconfiguration

The Rebuilding



Foot Pedal

Needed a spot welder to connect the cells, well need is a strong word...wanted for various reasons. I really wanted an alternative to soldiering the cells. The cells don't like a lot of heat, it can cause damage and reduce capacity. This (Sunkko 709AD) was one of the best consumer mini spot-welders available at the time. Supposedly the 220V model is much better, but I have had success with mine so far.

Trusty cell holders!

These cells were ordered from Terry on eBay. They didn't quite test up to snuff when I checked them. They were supposed to all be ~2600mAh, but they turned out to be closer to 2250-2300mAh. When I let him know, he adjusted the price and gave me a decent discount to make it right. I really appreciated Terry's efforts and would buy from him in the future. Here is his eBay store:

Damaged Wrappers

These cells from Terry came out of medical packs and were stuck with ultra sticky foam. He tries his best


Thankfully he (and AveRage Joe from YouTube) came up with the solution of giving away enough heat shrink wrappers to re-wrap all of the cells.

Sorting Cells

Still Going

I ordered these (above) cells from Battery Hookup ( and they were all tested and labelled before shipping out. I was very pleased with their quality (exactly as advertised) and that they tested as reported. I only had to re-wrap a few of these since they put kapton tape on the exposed wrapper portion. I also bought the 36v packs from Battery Hookup via their eBay store: or their new website:

Big Config 1

Initially, I was going to make big batteries that would be 14s and 28p (series and parallel).

Big Config 2

After making the second one, I decided that I had a better idea for using a better BMS (Battery Management System) solution.