This here is the dead "Reliable" inverter, which as it turns out is not all that reliable. It worked for about six months and the died. I ordered a replacement, but it arrived dead and the seller stopped answering my messages.

New inverter arrived on a 1/2 pallet. The beast weighs just under 200 lbs.

This was a huge effort to mount on the wall. I tried all sorts of ways to get this on the wall and ended up putting two screws in the wall studs and bear-hugging it up six feet up on the wall. The screws immediately bent and it started to fall, so I grabbed a few 3.5" deck screws in the rails on the side to hold it fast.

Shortly after mounting it, I needed to test it to make sure that it works. Initial tests were good to go. I got a chance to have a real test over a 36 hour power failure and was able to run the router, switch, bedroom outlets (TV, Roku, fan, 2 laptops etc.), and lights. It wasn't until about the 36th hour that the critical battery alarm started to go off on the inverter.

This inverter is a 10kW that puts out split phase power from a 48v source. Here is the link, if you wanted more details:

I got my "reliable" inverter replaced and it is now serving as a backup supply for the bedroom, but I think I may go another route and setup a mobile power station with the 36V batteries and inverter. On a side note, I also won a 24V inverter from a YouTube giveaway and am not sure what to do with it. I don't really have a need for it, but it is a nice inverter...I will have to ponder some options. I don't really want to have to make another battery on top of the 14s one. 24V would be a 7s battery, but I also bought a UPS that needs a battery and I was planning to use spare cells for that as a backup for my internet equipment. First world problems, right?!?